ESS Passport Goals and Objectives

ESS Passport will provide inservice and preservice teachers with a series of professional development workshops designed to enhance their knowledge of earth and space science while equipping them with strategies for implementing and designing their own curriculum for the WV NxGen science standards. The specific objectives of the grant are to:

  • Enhance teachers’ understanding of earth and space science content.
  • Increase self efficacy related to “unpacking” and interpreting the new WV NxGen science standards.
  • Model ideal constructivist pedagogy, scientific practices, and engineering design to enhance participants’ pedagogical content knowledge.
  • Engage participants in collaborative networks that build learning communities to support lesson development.
  • Prepare participants to identify model lessons, locate resources, and develop curriculum which meet the three dimensions of the NxGen standards.
  • Provide a path for participants to become authorized to teach ninth grade ESS courses and preparation to become certified by taking the Praxis II exam.
  • Provide an effective and engaging professional development experience.
  • Determine if there are any gains in student science content knowledge as a result of teacher participation in ESS professional development.

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