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College of Science & Technology Peer Mentoring Program


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Purpose: The College of Science & Technology Student Peer Mentoring program was first developed as a pilot program, funded by a 2012 Title III “Strengthening Institutions” grant from the U.S. Department of Education (  Our mentoring program focus on the student as a whole which makes it distinct from other tutoring services available on campus.

Overview: Currently, Student Peer Mentors are assigned to work with faculty and students in courses that have historically had lower than desired passing rates.  Student Peer Mentors work directly with course instructors and the STEM Learning Coordinator to assist students in mastering course content and developing effective academic skills.  The emphasis is on collaboration; Student Peer Mentors, students and faculty are working to maximize learning.   In addition, Peer Mentors are trained and knowledgeable to assist students with just about any topic that the student may want to discuss.  Some of these topics may include: scheduling classes, specific details of a student’s major, career options, adjustment to college, life skills development, or accessing campus resources.

Future Plans: This is an evolving program that makes adjustments based upon the needs of the Science & Technology programs.

Meet our Peer Mentors: Click on a name or a picture below for details:

Biology Chemistry Computer Science Mathematics Physics Engineering Tech
Hailey McDonough Allison Moore   Travis Harding   Garrett Devericks
Hannah Nelson Amanda Harper   Blake Massie   Blake Massie
Amanda Harper Rachel O'Dell   Sarah Starcovic    
Sarah Starcovic Hannah Nelson   Amanda Harper    
Allison Moore Travis Harding   Garrett Devericks    
  Sarah Starcovic   Hailey McDonough    
  Hailey McDonough