SciTech FAQs - Transferring Credits

How do I know which classes transfer from another college?
Determination of transfer credit equivalencies are completed by the Office of the Registrar in Turley Student Services Center.  Once a transcript is received and reviewed, students receive an email indicating that their transfer work has been processed.  For information about that review please contact:

What do I do if my class is not on the transfer list with the registrar and I need to get approval of transfer credit from a faculty member?
You will need to see the chair of the department. Bring with you the course description. If you have the syllabus from the class, tests or other work that shows what was taught bring it as well.

How do I get help with transferring to another college?

If a student decides that they wish to attend another college it is likely that the new institution will require an official transcript.  Unless you have withdrawn completely from the term, it is suggested to students that they request that official transcript to be held until all final grades or degrees have been entered and awarded.

To request an official transcript, please visit the Turley Student Services Center, 3rd Floor or call 304-367-4141 to order an official transcript.  Please note that no transcript will be released if an outstanding balance is listed on the student account.

How do I find course descriptions?
Course descriptions are in the Course Catalog.

How do I get information about applying for graduation?
Graduation Information

How do I know what courses to take for my major, or a different major?
See the Model Schedules.