SciTech FAQs - Math Course Questions

How do I get in touch with my instructors for Math 0093, 0094, 0095?
These classes are taught by the Academic Development Center in 200 James Hall. Their phone number is 367-4253.

If I am an Elementary Education Major, do I have to take College Algebra?
Yes, and you must take it before other classes in the College of Science and Technology can be taken.

Why can’t I get into the math class I want?
If your math ACT is less than 19, you must take the Compass test in 218 Hardway Building to find what math course you will need.

How do I find out what the prerequisites are for a math class I need or want to take?
Refer to the Course Catalog, or for ACT prerequisites for some of our common science and technology intro courses check on the Science and Technology Outreach page.