SciTech FAQs - General Information

General Information Questions

How do I get into the Enrollment Center?
Enrollment Center

How do I get the phone numbers, emails, and office numbers for the College of Science and Technology faculty and staff?

Science and Technology Faculty and Staff Information

How do I find out when my advisor in Science and Technology has office hours?
Science and Technology Faculty Information, including door schedules with office hours.

Who is my advisor?
This information can be found at the Enrollment Center.

How do I change my advisor?
Go to 328 Hunt Haught Hall and pick up a “Request Program/Advisor Change Form.” You will need to fill out the form. Then you will need to get two signatures on the form, the first is the advisor you are changing to and the second is the chair of the department or the dean. You then take the form to the registrar’s office in the Turley Center.

How do I change my major?
Go to Student Services Center in the Turley Center. Fill out the major change form and have the Dean or Professional Advisor of the department you wish to transfer into sign the form. For more information visit the registrar's website.

How do I find information on employment opportunities?
University Employment Information

How do I find out about student clubs in the College of Science and Technology?
Fairmont State Club Information

Are there any scholarships in the College?
Fairmont State Scholarships OR Science and Technology Scholarships

Why have I not received a paper tuition bill?
Paper bills are no longer mailed to students. Go to the E-pay site to view charges and pay bills.

Where can I view my financial aid awards?

The first time students receive financial aid a mailed copy of award is sent. After that, all other awards will be posted online a the E-pay site.