S.T.E.M. Innovation Center

Science • Technology • Engineering • Math

The College of Science and Technology has partnered with the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation to develop a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Innovation Center. The Goals of the STEM Innovation Center include:



1. Fostering and creating partnerships to support future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programming via the NASA Educator Resource Center Network (ERC), NASA Missions, and other non-profit agencies.


2. Improving the teaching and learning processes of high school students in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics education.


3. Developing a series of educational modules in selected science and engineering disciplines for future use in West Virginia public schools, and in the Teacher Education Program at Fairmont State University utilizing NASA Missions knowledge and data.



4. Providing professional development opportunities to encourage and promote learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.



5. Offering enrichment activities for high school students via SUMMER CAMPS in science, and engineering disciplines and their related fields that engage students in the exploration of NASA Missions as a gateway to enhancing an appreciation of the role of science and technology in their everyday lives.


6. Creating opportunities for students in science and engineering areas to design and conduct action research.


7. Implementing a STEM Research Committee to identify competencies and teaching modules for specific high school course to fill the gaps for students planning to enroll in post-secondary STEM majors.



8. Disseminating research data on the learning modules. teaching techniques, and best practices implemented.