NASA Initiatives

SciTech Opportunities Supported by NASA, 2006-2009:

A.  Student Opportunities:

1.  NASA/College of Science and Technology Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Research Fellowship Program (5 fellowships each summer for 3 years):

  • Enables STEM majors to work directly with faculty members on independent research projects related to their majors.
  • $3200 stipend for 8-week research project or $1600 for 4-week project
  • Free room in residence hall
  • Faculty mentor stipends $2000 for 8-weeks; $1000 for 4 weeks.
  • Send applications electronically to Dr. Anthony Gilberti ( by March 20, 2009. 
  • Applications will be considered from any students who have declared majors in our College.
  • Applicants who have completed less than 60 hours of college work and/or who have a gpa below 3.0 (major and overall) may be considered but should provide special justification and explanation of their status in the application.
  • Program will include the support of travel expenses for student/faculty teams to present research results at regional/national conferences.
  • Please use the SURE application forms from the Office of Research and Graduate Study for application; see attachment to archived College of Science and Technology Dean’s report of 11/28/06.

2.  NASA/College of Science and Technology Undergraduate Internship Program (3 years)

  • STEM majors work in industrial, laboratory and business professional experiences, ideally during the summer between their junior and senior year.
  • The employment experiences will have direct relevance to their particular discipline, and every effort will be made to utilize NASA educational resources.
  • UIP Fellows receive a stipend of $3,200 for an 8-week, full-time, summer internship period. This amount can be taken in smaller pieces at the rate of $400 per week of full-time internship or professional work activity.
  • Because of the expected intensity level, students may not be enrolled in a summer school course while participating in UIP.
  • UIP fellowship applications will be considered from any students who have declared majors in the College of Science and Technology.
  • Applicants who have completed less than 60 hours of college work and/or who have a gpa below 3.0 (major and overall) may be considered but should provide special justification and explanation of their status in the application in the section for special circumstances.
  • A student who would like to be considered for the UIP must be nominated by a faculty member who will serve as his/her internship facilitator, working closely with an on-site supervisor. Proposals should be prepared collaboratively by the student, faculty facilitator, and on-site internship supervisor.
  • Applications must be submitted electronically to Dr. Anthony Gilberti at by the last day of February. If an internship proposal is selected for an award, original signed copies of the proposal and agreement must be submitted before the award is finalized. Awards will be announced in mid March.
  • Applications are available from Dr. Anthony Gilberti or in the College V: drive under College/NASA Initiatives. 

3.  STEM majors' participation in NASA Langley Aerospace Summer Scholars Program. (Two students per summer for three years)

  • Placement will be made in partnership with the NASA Education Program
  • Internships will be awarded on a competitive basis and funded by FSU.
  • Students will be competitively selected based upon their professional interests, academic success and self-motivation. See for information about the program.]


B.  Faculty Development

  • Auto Computer-Aided Design (CAD) workshops will be provided for STEM faculty members who have ways to utilize this design software in appropriate courses. Workshops will be held yearly for three years with additional applications being investigated during each workshop. [Joint initiative between our College and Pierpont CTC.]
  • Specialized development programs for STEM faculty in classroom assessment of learning outcomes in order to provide more relevant, successful learning opportunities and improve chances for students’ successes. [This initiative is tied to Goal 1 of the institutional strategic plan and Objective 3 of the College strategic plan; if you have ideas for good workshop presenters or faculty development sessions, please email Dr. Anthony Gilberti at]
  • Summer fellowships for faculty to participate in the NASA Online Digital Learning Network faculty development program. Place one faculty per summer for two years. [See  for general program info; higher education initiatives not yet announced.] 
  • STEM faculty will receive formal training in Online Learning by completing the Certificate in Online Learning Program offered in the School of Education at FSU. [We have support for at least 4 faculty members to complete the certificate. See /graduatestudies/grad_programs.asp  for information about the program and email Dr. Anthony Gilberti at if you are interested in being considered for this program.]
  • Computational Science faculty research program that requires the acquisition of specialized high capacity, high speed computers and selected release time for faculty. [Hossain and Tobin; in progress.]


C.  Programmatic Development/Enhancement

  • Development of a Largely Online Physics Secondary Education Teaching Specialization in collaboration with other institutions in WV, and revision of our introductory physics courses with a goal of having a strong emphasis on student-centered, activities-based learning.
  • Enhancement of Engineering Graphics Technology Program through the acquisition of more sophisticated, flexible graphics software package that has advanced video production capabilities consistent with new industry standards. [Pierpont CTC initiative].
  • The expansion and maintenance of aerospace training and educational facilities at the Robert C. Byrd National Aerospace Education Center[Pierpont CTC initiative.]