SciTech Alumni - Melissa Moury

Moury, Melissa
Class Year: 
Bachelor of Science
Tunnelton, W.Va.

I graduated from Preston High School in 1994. I began attending Fairmont State in fall 1994. After changing my major several times and being unsure of what I really wanted to do, I withdrew from school and worked as a secretary for five years. Finally, I re-enrolled and began with a Safety Engineering Technology major in summer 2000 taking Chemistry 101. My professor, Dr. Matt Scanlon, believed I should pursue a degree in Chemistry. I realized after a couple of semesters that Chemistry was where my talents were. I was unable to finish my Safety Engineering degree but I took several classes. My junior year at Fairmont State was surprising. I had a daughter in June 2004. This brought many challenges in finishing school. However, I fought through and graduated with my B.S. in Chemistry in June 2005. I began working at Mylan Pharmaceuticals in January 2006.

What advice would you give current or prospective students?: 

Do not sell yourself short. Anything is possible.

What was the most important thing you learned while attending Fairmont State?: 

I learned that I was capable of things I didn’t think possible. With the help of the wonderful professors in the chemistry department, I achieved a high level of learning and curiosity that will never leave me.

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