SciTech Alumni - Jonathan Shaw

Shaw, Jonathan
Class Year: 
Biology and General Science Education
Chester, W.Va.

I am originally from Hancock County, W.Va. I have two brothers and a sister; my parents reside in my hometown of Chester. They all have been a very supportive part of my life during my time in college and I am very thankful for them. I graduated from Oak Glen High School in 2002. During my time in high school I played on the varsity football team and wrestled for two years. I have worked throughout my entire college career simply to gain experience and to provide myself with somewhat of an income. During high school I ran my own landscaping business. During the summer of my sophomore year, I was a counselor at Camp Horseshoe in Tucker County; and, my summer of my junior year I was a deck hand on the Ohio River. During my time at school I have been employed at Mario’s in Mannington, W.Va., working as a cook, waiter and cashier. After my high school graduation, I spent my first semester of college at Coastal Carolina University. There, I discovered what I wanted my career to be, a teacher of science. During this transition time from Marine Science to Biology Education, my peers and professors insisted on me becoming a teacher. They use to tell me they could see it when I studied for exams with other classmates. We would teach to each other. A phrase I will never forget from one of my professors whom I admired the most was, “If you can teach it you know it.” They use to say, “Jon, you have a knack for it.” I started attending Fairmont State during my second semester of college and I began the journey of biology and education courses. It has been a wonderful endeavor for me to watch myself grow professionally as a teacher. I have learned so much about science, education, society and how they all coexist; and, it is never a dull moment. It is so exciting! I do not regret becoming a teacher; and, I am looking forward to helping others learn and sharing the exciting world of science with younger generations.

What advice would you give current or prospective students?: 

You must SET GOALS and work towards those goals because this will help you see your progress; it will give you proof you are achieving things. DO NOT BECOME DISCOURAGED. Don’t give up; you will hit some bumps and ruts in the road. The main thing is to FOCUS on your studies and STAY ORGANIZED. Also, do not forget to enjoy you time at college. Have some fun from time to time. Build friendships with peers and professors, it is an easier journey when you feel excepted. Also, remember MODERATION.

What was the most important thing you learned while attending Fairmont State?: 

The most important thing I have learned at Fairmont State is to keep an open mind about everything you encounter in life. Think things over before you go and make a decision. I have also learned that you must first show respect before you can receive respect. Lastly, be prepared for anything because you do not know what the next curve ball will be.

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