Overview of Science-Based Pre-Professional Studies


Pre-professional curricula and advising are available for students who wish to prepare themselves for application to highly competitive professional schools including medical school, veterinary school, dental school, physical therapy school, and pharmacy school. Undergraduate students who plan to apply to one of these professional schools are asked to declare a subject major and pursue a baccalaureate degree at Fairmont State while completing the specific courses required by the professional school they desire to attend.

Students who indicate an interest in pre-professional study will be given a primary faculty advisor in the major area and a secondary faculty advisor specific to the pre-professional study they plan to pursue. Baccalaureate degrees with the most overlap with required pre-professional courses tend to be those in the College of Science and Technology; specifically biology, chemistry and forensic science degrees.

Highly motivated people who complete baccalaureate degrees before deciding to apply to professional school often elect to take required pre-professional coursework at Fairmont State. Such “transient students” tend to have a high rate of acceptance to professional schools and are asked to contact the appropriate pre-professional advisor during their first semester at Fairmont State.


Many graduates of Fairmont State successfully compete for admission to professional schools and pursue rewarding careers in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and physical therapy. Admission to professional schools is typically based on completion of specific course requirements, performance on standardized admissions tests, the overall academic transcript and grades, an essay, letters of recommendation, and an interview.

Quite often, students who originally plan to apply to professional school discover additional career possibilities and interests as they progress through college.  Thus, a student who comes in believing he/she wants to be a pharmacist might discover that he/she really wants to pursue a research career in pharmaceutical science instead.  Baccalaureate degrees in biology, chemistry and forensic science from Fairmont State provide excellent foundations for careers or graduate study in science.