Chemistry Outcomes

Program Outcomes for the B.S. in Chemistry

Contact: Erica Harvey,

Program outcomes updated in 2019.


Program Outcome Direct assessment measure Satisfactory performance standard

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

Student performance with respect to this outcome will be measured by:

Satisfactory student performance on the direct assessment measure will consist of:

1. Demonstrate competency in the laboratory skills expected of a practicing chemist.

a.  Faculty assessment of specified lab competencies in chemistry courses using a general programmatic rubric

b. Faculty review of a professional skills resume during the second semester of physical chemistry using a general programmatic rubric.

Satisfactory target is an average score on the rubrics corresponding to "Student meets the expectations of a competent, practicing professional in chemistry."
2. Demonstrate foundational knowledge needed by chemical professionals.

a. performance on nationally standardized exit exams for chemistry from ETS and American Chemical Society (ACS) 

Satisfactory targets are 49th and 47th percentiles, respectively.
3. Apply foundational knowledge to analyze complex problems.

Performance on selected projects in Analytical Chemistry (nonlinear least squares), Physical Chemistry (rotational/vibrational spectroscopy project), and Synthetic Methods and Materials (Green Chemistry project)

Satisfactory targets are class averages of 85%, 70% and 80% on the projects, respectively.
4. Competently access, evaluate and learn new chemical information and skills. Performance on selected projects in Synthetic Methods and Materials (synthetic procedures from primary literature) and Instrumental Analysis (interdisciplinary take home exam based on literature paper). Satisfactory targets are class averages of 80% and 70%, respectively.


Chemistry Program Mission:

The mission of the Chemistry Program at Fairmont State is to help students learn chemistry, and how chemistry connects to mathematics, biology, physics and other professional fields. We expect and encourage our students to develop the analytical, experimental, computer and problem-solving skills necessary to successfully pursue chemistry and other science-based careers.

The Chemistry Program Offers:

  • general studies courses
  • service courses for a variety of majors
  • a biotechnology area of emphasis
  • chemistry teaching specialization (grades 9-12)
  • minor in Chemistry
  • B.S. in Chemistry