Ingrid Bircann-Barkey

Temporary Assistant Professor of Spanish
JH 319
304 333 3607
Ph.D. and M.A., University of Albany, State University of New York
B.A., Columbia University

Dr. Bircann-Barkey joined the faculty in 2014. She received her B. A. from Columbia University, and both her M. A. and Ph. D., from the University at Albany, State University of New York. She teaches elementary as well as all upper-level classes in the Spanish curriculum, including the Second Language Acquisition Methods class. As the Spanish Program coordinator she mentors Spanish majors and minors, and  students seeking a teaching specialization in Spanish from the School of Education.


In her life beyond academia, she enjoys baking, cooking,  knitting, and listening to NPR or watching reruns whenever she has to do tedious chores around the house. As a devoted fan of Lieutenant Olivia “Liv” Benson,  Dr. Bircann-Barkey worries about a life without her courageous and compassionate alter ego if NBC ever considers cancelling Law & Order: SVU on Wednesday nights.