Journalism Program Options


The Pre-journalism Program offers students a comprehensive academic program and many choices for practical experience in social media as well as traditional journalism. Starting on your First day of class, our Pre-journalism program exposes you not only to traditional classes such as reporting and photo-journalism, but also to exciting new classes such as Writing for Multimedia, Participatory Journalism and Social Media, and Multimedia Ethics and Law. 

As eighteen-hour minor, the program may be coupled with any bachelor’s degree or as preparation for students planning to transfer to a four-year program at another institution.  As part of the Regents Degree, Pre-journalism allows to combine their practical experience and coursework.

The Pre-journalism Program can be combined with any of our over 40 majors, such as French, Spanish, English, National Security and Intelligence, and Business Administration to name a few, you can prepare for journalism graduate school and for careers just now unfolding in other fields as well. 

Students planning to transfer at the beginning of their junior year may also use the journalism minor in most cases as a pre-journalism curriculum. Students enrolled in this program should consult the college where they will complete their degree for additional course requirements.

Our students undertake internships at various media outlets as well as in public relations and communication departments of non-profits and educational institutions.  One of our recent graduates served as a summer intern at the government of Quebec’s office in Washington, D.C.  She went on to Journalism school at Northwestern and now works full-time as a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Another student who minored in Pre-Journalism spent a summer interning at Seventeen Magazine.  Working with Dr. Sharon L. Brescoach, who directs student publications, Pre-journalism students can also work on The Columns, our student newspaper, and Mound, our yearbook.

Pre-journalism students must participate actively in the publication of student media.

Students have the option of completing a technical writing minor, which equips them with the skills needed for commercial and industrial writing and editing.

Journalism Education

The journalism education program is designed to provide a journalistic foundation for teachers who plan on teaching journalism in the secondary school system. Courses in reporting/writing, layout/design, and ethics/law provide the content for these students to use in their own classrooms. Additionally, pedagogical approaches are also addressed.  Graduates are equipped to teach journalism in the schools and to advise newspaper and yearbook staffs.