Journalism Courses

JOUR 2245 Reporting & Multimedia News Writing – 3 credits - This course teaches students the basics of news reporting and writing for a variety of media forms. Students will review basic grammar, learn AP Style, and learn how to apply them to news writing for media from print, broadcasting, and online forums.

JOUR 2275 Media Literacy – 3 credits - This course teaches students not only the historical background of media, but to critically analyze media content and how it affects society as a whole. Issues addressed are media conglomeration and deregulation, media bias, stereotypes in the media, media as it relates to democracy, as well as other major concepts in the field.

JOUR 2280 History of American Journalism – 3 credits - Writing Intensive - This course offers a comprehensive chronological presentation of the development of American mass media, by showing the relationship of the past to the events of today and delineating their impact on the American way of life. Examines the American press from the seventeenth century to date and freedom of press and its present implications. PR: ENGL 1108.

JOUR 3315 Design for Multimedia Publishing – 3 credits - This course will teach students the basics of digital media design. It will familiarize students with a variety of software related to print design, photography, logo design, and web design. Terminology related to all forms of media will be addressed.

JOUR 3335 Photojournalism & Digital Imaging – 3 credits - Students will not only be taught the basics of photography, but will also learn the ethical conflicts and often the dangers facing photojournalists. Since film is no longer used, students also learn how to upload and manipulate photos digitally.

JOUR 3343 Journalism Internship – 3 credits - This is the capstone course of the journalism major and minor programs. in this course, students are required to perform on-the- job duties during a 100-hour internship, gaining experience in a particular area of journalism, in accordance with the stated goals of the journalism program. Assessment of student achievement of these goals will occur through both a submitted portfolio and the employer’s report on the quality of the intern’s work. Instructor approval required.

JOUR 3344 Publications Practice - 1-3 credit hours - This course provides experience with student publications. students can work on the student newspaper, the yearbook, or the student literary and art journal.

JOUR 3350 Participatory Journalism and Social Media - 3 credits – This course develops students’ abilities to report stories in a professional journalistic manner for use on electronic media sites, including social media, blogs, and new mobile media applications. Students will learn to incorporate user-generated content.

JOUR 3390 Multimedia Ethics & Law – 3 credits – This course provides an overview of legal and ethical issues pertaining specifically to journalism and media. Students will be asked to critically analyze “real world” dilemmas using legal and philosophical concepts as well as case studies.  Students will learn the elements of legal and ethical writing and publishing based on the standards set forth by the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.