Community Health Education Minor

Overview of Minor

Community Health Education is also offered as a minor. The minor provides students with the knowledge and skills to work in community-based programs. The focus is to prepare students to assess needs, plan and implement programs, conduct research, communicate health information, and serve as a resource person. Courses are designed with hands-on learning in mind. Students will participate in projects where they are meeting a community’s health needs.

Community Health Education Minor Requirements

Course Course Name/Topic Hours
CHEP 1100 Health Promotion 4
CHEP 3000 Epi. & Disease Etiology 3
CHEP 3320 Behavior Change Theory 3
CHEP 3345 Needs Assessment  3
CHEP 3350 Program Planning & Evaluation 3

One course from the list below

Course Course Name Hours
CHEP 2202 Environmental Health  3
CRIM 3365 OR PSYC 3395 Addiction 3
SOCY 3335 OR SOCY 3345 Sexuality & Relationships 3
CHEP 4000 OR CHEP 4001 OR PSYC 4491 Health Promotion & Special Populations 3
CHEP 4450 Program Funding & Administration 3
CHEP 4480 Community Health Capstone 3
POLI/PSYC/SOCY 2240 Statistics 3

Community Health Education Program Sheet and Model Schedule