Parking and Vehicle Regulations - Visitors

A major concern for the campus community is accommodating visitor parking on campus. Given the fact there is very little surplus parking capacity (particularly during weekdays when classes are in session), providing adequate visitor parking for the many various purposes and events that bring guests to the campus is very challenging. The following procedures have been developed in an attempt to provide several visitor parking options for those persons, organizations or offices sponsoring events that will require parking in a consistent manner. These procedures will probably not address every possible situation. Therefore, persons are encouraged to contact the Public Safety Department concerning any questions about parking needs.  

A WORD ABOUT PARKING FEES:  The debt service, operation and maintenance of parking facilities along with associated labor costs are very expensive. Parking is fee-based and paid by all students, faculty and staff as well as external users.  Costs, and therefore fees, are associated with visitor parking.  However, it is also recognized that many events take place on campus that directly benefit the University and College or are of such a benevolent nature that parking fees are not appropriate.  Persons/organizations sponsoring such an event are directed to submit a “Parking Fee Waiver Request” for consideration of a parking fee waiver in writing to the President’s Office of the institution they are representing.  


  • Metered spaces for short-term parking will be provided for the convenience of visitors in the parking lot behind Hardway Hall and outside the lower entrance (facing Locust Avenue) of the Turley Center.
  •  Meter rates are .25¢ per ½ hour for a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Metered spaces are enforced from 7 am to 7 pm


  • To provide parking for their guests on a one day basis only.
  • It is the responsibility of the sponsoring department to contact Campus Police with the vehicle information of their guest.  This includes make, model and license plate number. 
  • Visitors are entitled to park in any available student or faculty parking space in any lot with the exception of metered parking areas, the top level of the parking garage or in handicapped parking spaces without the appropriate placard being displayed.


  • Visitors may be directed to enter the parking garage from the Bryant Street entrance and park anywhere on levels 1 -5.
  • Visitors may self-pay using cash or credit card ($3.00) upon exit.  
  • Tokens are no longer issued by Public Safety.


Special Program parking is intended for persons who are attending non-credit courses, workshops, lectures, instructional programs, Falcon center memberships, etc. that meet on a regular basis. Organizers are encouraged to include parking fees as part of the overall program costs.

    • Falcon Center community memberships - $10.00 per semester/$20.00 per year
    • Visitors are entitled to park in any available student or faculty parking space in any lot with the exception of metered parking areas, the top level of the parking garage or in handicapped parking spaces without the appropriate placard being displayed.


Parking arrangements for any meeting, training program, seminar, conference, etc. that is a one-time only program expected to host between 15 to 35 visitors must be coordinated through Public Safety.

  • One day Visitor Parking is permitted by contacting Public Safety with vistor information, including make, model and license plate number of the vehicle(s).


A “Special Event” is defined as any non-recurring event expected to host more than 35 visitors and requiring the use of parking facilities. When possible, individuals or organizations sponsoring special events are encouraged to work through the Catering & Conference Services Office. Otherwise, the sponsor must complete the following:

  • A contact person for the planned event must be assigned to work with Public Safety during the planning process.
  • Depending on several factors such as the number of persons attending, the day of week, time of day, whether classes are in session or not, etc., a decision will be made concerning the type of parking arrangements required.
  • While extra costs apply, the Public Safety Department can also provide event signage, parking attendants, traffic monitors, etc. as required.

When meetings, conferences, or other events are organized through the Aladdin Catering & Conference Services, parking arrangements and any associated fees are coordinated with Public Safety as part of the services provided by that office.

  • Persons or organizations on campus hosting events that will bring visitors on campus are encouraged to utilize the Catering & Conference Services Office.
  • Contact Cathy Basagic at 304-367-4090 for more information.


Dependent upon the number of spaces required and the overall parking situation during the time frame in question, a specific number of parking spaces in a particular area (a parking lot, parking garage, etc.) may be reserved for VIP visitor parking with Presidential approval. Reserved parking is limited.  


Open parking is available in all parking lots (not including the parking garage) for athletic events with the exception of any lot designated for restricted or special paid parking by the Athletic Department. Public Safety staff expenses are reimbursed by Athletics based on an actual cost basis.