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Sat, 02/23/2019 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm
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The Theatre Program at Fairmont State University is pleased to announce our very special production of The Arkansaw Bear by Aurand Harris, a play written especially for young audiences. In The Arkansaw Bear, ten-year-old Tish wants to tell her grandfather that she has seen a poster for a circus that is coming to town, but Grandfather is gravely ill. In fact, he is dying, and Tish’s mother will not allow her to see him. Confused, Tish runs to her favorite place, her tree, where she wishes on the first star that her grandfather might live forever. Star Bright, the wise evening star, brings Tish face-to-face with “The World’s Greatest Dancing Bear” and his companion, a playful mime, who are running from the “Ringmaster,” who is there to take the Dancing Bear to his death. Tish, the Dancing Bear, and the mime, trick the Ringmaster into giving the Dancing Bear more time – time to teach his dances to little bear, the Arkansaw Bear, so that his legacy may live on. Through their adventures, Tish learns an important lesson about love and loss.



  Francene Kirk

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Francene Kirk


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