Strategic Planning Oversight Committee

Strategic Planning Oversight Committee Membership 2017-2018

  • Dr. Stephen Jones, Interim President (Chair)
  • Dr. Tim Oxley, VP for Student Services
  • Dr. Chris Lavorata, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. John Lympany, VP and Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Christa Kwiatkowski, Interim VP for Administration and Fiscal Affairs/CFO
  • Ms. Misty Poe, Associate VP – University Communications
  • Mr. Tim McNeely, Director of Athletics
  • Ms. Cindy Curry, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
  • Mr. RJ Gimbl, President, Fairmont State Foundation, Inc.
  • Ms. Dixie Yann, Chair, Board of Governors
  • Dr. Rick Harvey, Dean, School of Business, and Director, Harrison County Operations
  • Dr. Joe Kremer, Faculty Senate President
  • Ms. Holly Fluharty, Classified Staff Council Representative to the Board of Governors
  • Mr. Alex Vance, President, Student Government Association
  • Dr. Robynn Shannon, Director of Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness
  • Ms. Amantha Cole, Director of Planning and Grants (Facilitator)

Key Participants in the Planning Process and Their Roles and Responsibilities:

Office of Assessment and Planning—The Director of Planning and Grants will organize and facilitate the planning process.

Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (SPOC)—This committee, representing major constituent groups and including all cabinet-level administrators, will have responsibility for policy and procedural elements of the strategic planning process.

Institutional Planning Leadership Council (IPLC)—Representing the leadership of the institution—including the Board of Governors, senior leadership, deans, chairs, directors, and managers from all units—the IPLC will engage in the actual goal setting and identification of strategic initiatives.