Strategic Plan - Revision Committee Members

Dr. Richard Harvey, Chair
Dean, School of Business
Dr. John O'Connor
Professor of Theatre
Kelley Bronson,
Student Representative to the Board of Governors
Dr. Timothy R. Oxley
Associate Professor of Business
William D. Finley
Director of Institutional Research
Delbert L. (Butch) Phillips
Alumni and Community Representative
Veronica Gallo
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Joyce Rose
Administrative Assistant
Dr. Anthony F. Gilberti, DTE
Dean, College of Science and Technology
Dr. Charles A. Shields, J.D.
Professor of Criminal Justice
Charley Hively
Coordinator of Reference and Instructional Services
Sandra Shriver
Office Administrator Senior
Dr. Gwen Jones
Associate Professor of Education
George Yost
Alumni and Community Representative


Strategic Planning Oversight Committee

The Strategic Planning Oversight Committee [SPOC] was organized in September of 2011 and given its charge by Dr. Maria Rose to accomplish three main tasks for the fiscal year 2011-12.  These tasks are:

  • Solicit, review, and recommend the Strategic Planning Implementation Awards for 2011-12 to Dr. Rose [Proposals accepted by October 15, 2011 and recommendations were due by December 5, 2011]
  • Review and recommend budget requests for fiscal year 2012-2013 [E&G:  February 1, 2012 and Auxilary: March 1, 2012]
  • Quality assure that the budget planning process is aligned with the revised strategic plan

The committee consists of the following members:

  • William Finley, Chairperson for 2011-12
  • Richard Harvey
  • Quentin Johnson
  • Veronica Gallo
  • Peter Lach
  • Christina Lavorata
  • Diana Noone
  • Rick Porto [ex-officio]
  • Deborah Stiles [ex-officio]

The institutional budget timeline was approved for use in March of 2011, and serves as the process timeline for much of the committee's work.