Strategic Plan - Funded Implementation Awards

Department Proposal Description Author(s)
School of Business Laptop Cart Harvey, Richard
Distance Learning Classrooms Harvey, Richard
School of Education Laptop Cart Lindstrom, Denise
Replacement of Treadmills in Human Performance Lab Ryan, Michael/Reneau, Paul
Replacement of Classroom Walls in Multi-­â€Use Rooms of the Feaster Center Reneau, Paul
School of Fine Arts Digital Piano Lach, Peter/Edwards, Constance
Laptop Cart Lach, Peter/Yerdon-­â€LeJeune, Jennifer
School of Nursing Upgrade Nursing Skills Lab and Simulation Lab Boni, Mary
Science & Technology Laptop Cart Gilberti, Anthony
Dust Collection System for the Engineering Technology Building Gilberti, Anthony
Provost Classroom Furnishings and Equipment Various
Summer Undergraduate Research Various
Information Technology Pilot of SecureExam Remote Proctor Raisovich, Joanie
Streaming Media System Pilot Program Raisovich, Joanie
Increased Access to Videoconferencing Technology Raisovich, Joanie
Mobile Solution Center for Library Hutchins, Thelma
Project and Portfolio Management Software Implementation Wilkins, Peter
Institutional Advancement Social Media Marketing Plan Development and Implementation Corley, Devanna/Schoonmaker, Lori
Caperton Center Create Videoconferencing Center at Caperton Center McClure, Nancy