Institutional Data & Reports

The Office of Assessment and Planning provides the University community with accurate and timely information to support decision making and institutional effectiveness efforts. The staff also responds to requests for institutional data from state and federal agencies and others interested in the University's operations.

Institutional data and reports play an active role in:

  • Compiling and disseminating historical data on enrollments, degrees conferred, and retention and graduation rates
  • Conducting ad hoc studies on significant policy issues
  • Maintaining a compendium of statistics on faculty and staff
  • Conducting and analyzing various student and alumni surveys
  • Evaluating selected performance indicators for the University's Strategic Plan

Common Data Set

HEPC Institutional Compact

Student Enrollment counts by Degree, Major, and Concentration

Student Demographics

Full-time, First-time Cohorts

Enrollments by Subject code and Course number

Enrollments by Campus, Subject code and Course number

NSSE [National Survey of Student Engagement]

FSSE [Faculty Survey of Student Engagement]