Victor Bradford Jr.

Bachelor of Science – Occupational Safety
Graduation Year: 
Upper Marlboro, MD
Current City: 
Williamsburg, VA
Current Position and Company: 
Environmental Health and Safety Manager; Anheuser-Busch
What brought you to Fairmont State University?: 
I was recruited for football with my high school teammates, and groomsmen (Tony Patterson, and Raynell Hall).
Were you a commuter or a resident?: 
Dorm resident before finishing my last year in the on campus apartments.
What activities were you involved with as a student?: 
American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) (Student Chapter); Residence Life – Resident Assistant (RA); Intercollegiate Football - Quarterback; On-Campus Ministry Group; Intramural Sports – Flag Football; Basketball
Of all the classes you took, what is the one class you would recommend everyone take? Who taught it? Why would you recommend it?: 
Speech Communication as a freshman taught by Dr. Robert Mild. His course taught me several techniques to improve public speaking.
Did you have a favorite professor, staff member, coach, or mentor who really impacted your life?: 
Yes, several. The two that stand out the most are Kimberly Murphy and Melissa Abbott of the Occupational Safety program. These women are my lifelong mentors. They opened doors to opportunities that I could have never dreamed of. I will forever be grateful for their belief in me.
Share your best college memory.: 
Meeting my wife.
What do you remember most vividly from your time at Fairmont State?: 
Getting surgery after a night game out of state. Our athletic trainer, Robert Cable, waited overnight and brought me back to campus the next day.
Describe Fairmont State in three words.: 
Pride, Purpose, Passion - Quote by Mike Lopez (former head football coach)
What do you wish you had known before graduating and entering the "real world"?: 
Failure will build you more than success.
How did your experience at Fairmont State shape your career path?: 
Thanks to Fairmont State I was given the opportunity to intern in several cities including Las Vegas for a year. I was encouraged to continue my education, ultimately obtaining my master’s in Safety Management. I was also afforded the opportunity to instruct several courses as an Adjunct Professor at Fairmont State. All of which has shaped me into the safety professional I am today.
What advice or insight do you have for Fairmont State alumni and students interested in your career field?: 
This field is challenging, needed in just about every industry, and provides you with the satisfaction of creating an environment which allows your workforce to go home each night to their families.
What is the last book you read? : 
Joyce Meyer - “Battlefield of the Mind”
List 3-5 fun facts about yourself that most people probably wouldn’t know. : 
I have one sibling and her name is Victoria.
My children’s names are Amore (uh-MOHR) and Victor III (goes by V).
I’m a mama’s boy with dad’s work ethic.