Shawn Long

B.S. Aviation Administration / Aviation Maintenance Management, A.A.S. Aviation Maintenance Technology
Graduation Year: 
Easton, PA
Current City: 
Bridgeport, WV
Current Position and Company: 
Deputy Airport Director, North Central WV Airport (CKB)
What brought you to Fairmont State University?: 
? I was looking at schools that offered a degree in Aviation Management, and found Fairmont State. When I came for my first visit and saw the campus and toured the Robert C. Byrd NAEC, I knew it was the right school and the right program for me.
Were you a commuter or a resident?: 
Resident of Bryant Place for two years, then off campus house.
What activities were you involved with as a student?: 
Member of Alpha Eta Rho
Of all the classes you took, what is the one class you would recommend everyone take? Who taught it? Why would you recommend it?: 
One class I recommend everyone taking is Organizational Behavior. No matter what industry you work in, you will interact with all types of people who have their own wants, needs, and desires. Being able to understand their views and how to communicate effectively will lead to better results for all.
Did you have a favorite professor, staff member, coach, or mentor who really impacted your life?: 
Dr. Brad Gilbert helped me shape my future. I had him for all four years of undergraduate, both Aviation Maintenance and Aviation Administration program. While teaching the theory and materials of the course, he would find ways to bring in real world applications and case studies. This helped guide me to what I wanted to do after college.
Share your best college memory.: 
Ironically, one of the best memories I have is spending hours on end in the upstairs computer lab of the library with my friends.
What do you remember most vividly from your time at Fairmont State?: 
Moving in freshman year, I did not know anyone. By the end of my four years, I had met a great group of friends that I will have for life.
Describe Fairmont State in three words.: 
Community, Family, Opportunity.
What do you wish you had known before graduating and entering the "real world"?: 
I wish I would have taken a drafting class.
How did your experience at Fairmont State shape your career path?: 
Fairmont State not only prepared me for my career, but it also presented me with the opportunity to be where I am today. Through the airport’s relationship with Fairmont State, I was offered an internship for my last semester, and I have been there since.
What advice or insight do you have for Fairmont State alumni and students interested in your career field?: 
Network! The aviation industry is a small and caring community. Reach out to someone in the industry to learn about the different career opportunities, job shadow for a day, intern, etc. People are willing to help you, you just need to reach out.
What is the last book you read? : 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
List 3-5 fun facts about yourself that most people probably wouldn’t know. : 
I am a diehard New York Giants fan, and drive 7 hours for every home game
I can play the drums
I used to work for Crayola, the most colorful place on earth!