Michelle Stalnaker

Bachelor of Science Triple Major: General Business/Marketing/Management
Graduation Year: 
Clarksburg, WV
Current City: 
Washington DC
Current Position and Company: 
Vice President, Human Resources Bureau Veritas Primary Integration
What brought you to Fairmont State University?: 
Were you a commuter or a resident?: 
What activities were you involved with as a student?: 
Cheerleading (three national championships)
Of all the classes you took, what is the one class you would recommend everyone take? Who taught it? Why would you recommend it?: 
Business Law: Dr. Gregory Hinton. Anyone who knows Dr. Hinton, knows what a gift he is! Business Law will help in multiply capacities in life
Did you have a favorite professor, staff member, coach, or mentor who really impacted your life?: 
Favorite Professor: Dr. Gregory T. Hinton Favorite Coach and Mentor: Dr. Kristi A. Kiefer Dr. Hinton is unforgettable, he genuinely cares about each student, and is a true “legend” at FSU. Dr. Kristi A. Kiefer, put FSU on the map in the world of competitive cheerleading and A&T (Acro & Tumbling). She drove the movement to get A&T recognized as a sport by all three NCAA divisions. Over her 19 plus years coaching at FSU, she impacted the personal growth, discipline, athleticism and ethic (both on and off the mat) of over 500 young women. I consider myself extremely blessed to have had her as my coach and mentor.
Share your best college memory.: 
Winning three national championships
What do you remember most vividly from your time at Fairmont State?: 
The time I shared with my teammates
Describe Fairmont State in three words.: 
FSU will always feel like “home” “great friends” and a “safe learning environment”
What do you wish you had known before graduating and entering the "real world"?: 
More about the Profession that I entered.
How did your experience at Fairmont State shape your career path?: 
I began learning about the student chapter of SHRM (society for human resource management) during my last semester at FSU, this sparked my interest in the HR profession.
What advice or insight do you have for Fairmont State alumni and students interested in your career field?: 
Learn and understand all the different areas of Human Resources and determine if you want to be a specialist or generalist, get involved with SHRM as a student and always remember that this profession can make or break a company. In order to succeed and make a difference, you must be passionate about serving the company, but most importantly supporting the employees.
What is the last book you read? : 
Brene Brown, Braving the Wilderness
List 3-5 fun facts about yourself that most people probably wouldn’t know. : 
During my time at FSU, I worked three jobs. I bartended for 4.5 years at the local college bar, held an internship at WVHTC Foundation and taught gymnastics and dancing.
I attained two graduate degrees after moving to Washington DC., one in Human Resource Management and one in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
In my free time, I do indoor cycling, strength training, yoga and dance classes