John DeVault

Bachelor of Arts=Elementary Education/Fairmont State College; Masters of Arts Educational Admin/ University of Virginia; Doctorate of Education= Educational Planning, Policy, and Leadership/ College of William and Mary
Graduation Year: 
Mt. Morris, PA
Current City: 
Fairmont, WV
Current Position and Company: 
Executive Director; Academic Advising, Testing and Tutoring, Career Services, Fairmont State University
What brought you to Fairmont State University?: 
Reputation of the school
Were you a commuter or a resident?: 
I was both. I commuted for my first month or so, then got an apartment off campus
What activities were you involved with as a student?: 
Freshman counselor, Alpha Phi Omega
Of all the classes you took, what is the one class you would recommend everyone take? Who taught it? Why would you recommend it?: 
Dr. Jones in Education. I had a couple of classes where she taught and they were amazing.
Did you have a favorite professor, staff member, coach, or mentor who really impacted your life?: 
So many great memories and professors it’s hard to narrow it down. Being a Freshman Counselor, led by Michael Belmear, was a great experience. I believe the overall school culture is what really impacted my life.
Share your best college memory.: 
Coach Haswell probably was the most memorable for me because it was a high and low moment at the same time. I had tried out for the basketball team and had to drop out of try-outs. I went to tell him and he said “DeVault, you would have made the team, but you never would have played.” He probably doesn’t remember the conversation, but it has stuck with me.
What do you remember most vividly from your time at Fairmont State?: 
I didn’t have a great academic first year and had to work very hard to make up for it. It enabled me to understand that if you work hard, good things happen.
Describe Fairmont State in three words.: 
Challenging, Caring, and Respectful
What do you wish you had known before graduating and entering the "real world"?: 
To appreciate the wisdom that so many faculty at FSU had.
How did your experience at Fairmont State shape your career path?: 
This is where I figured out that education was the best field for me. Before FSU I never dreamt that I would have had a career in education.
What advice or insight do you have for Fairmont State alumni and students interested in your career field?: 
Learn as much as you can from as many sources as you can. Then use their knowledge to apply it to your context.
What is the last book you read? : 
I just started reading “Every Moment Matters by John O’Sullivan”
List 3-5 fun facts about yourself that most people probably wouldn’t know. : 
Since I’m not coaching basketball, I can enjoy watching it a little more.
I like to go fly-fishing.
I worked at a military academy for 20 years so I’m still adjusting to students not saluting me.
I absolutely love watching my two boys play soccer.
I’m actually becoming the guy that likes to go for walks in the woods (aka hiking).