Christa C. Kwiatkowski

BS in Business Administration – Accounting and MBA
Graduation Year: 
Shinnston, WV
Current City: 
Bridgeport, WV
Current Position and Company: 
CFO/VP of Administration and Fiscal Affairs at Fairmont State University
What brought you to Fairmont State University?: 
My need for smaller, more personal instruction
Were you a commuter or a resident?: 
What activities were you involved with as a student?: 
I was a transfer student and worked full time, so my activities were limited. However, I was a member of Baptist Campus Ministries and the Student Accounting Society.
Of all the classes you took, what is the one class you would recommend everyone take? Who taught it? Why would you recommend it?: 
Principals of Accounting taught by Glenn Harman. Mr. Harman (who is retired) made the class fun and enjoyable. Accounting is not a very exciting topic, but his class solidified my intentions to pursue Accounting as my profession. There are many professions where a general understanding of financial statements would be beneficial.
Did you have a favorite professor, staff member, coach, or mentor who really impacted your life?: 
There were several Accounting faculty who impacted my life; Glenn Harman, Gary Bennett and Joan Lawrence to name a few.
Share your best college memory.: 
The day I got my name on the board in Mr. Harman’s class. Most of the time getting your name on the board is a bad thing, but he used to put the names of those who scored the highest on exams on the board. That day was when I realized I had found the field of study I loved.
What do you remember most vividly from your time at Fairmont State?: 
The lifelong friends I made during my time there. They continue to be a blessing to my life well beyond my time there.
Describe Fairmont State in three words.: 
Supportive, Inclusive, Rewarding
What do you wish you had known before graduating and entering the "real world"?: 
I worked full time while going to school, so I got my wakeup call before attending Fairmont State. I would advise all students to enjoy the time they have in college.
How did your experience at Fairmont State shape your career path?: 
Since I am now employed by Fairmont State for going on 10 years, it greatly shaped my career path. I found a love for accounting, but not public accounting, as many people gravitate towards. I never developed a desire to work in public accounting and I have a strong dislike for taxes.  My degree taught me the skills needed for my first accounting job at Fairmont State and gave me an advantage over other very qualified applicants. I am thankful for the continued opportunity to grow in my profession at Fairmont State.
What advice or insight do you have for Fairmont State alumni and students interested in your career field?: 
Take any opportunity to learn about different sectors who need accountants to find out where your love is. Listen to your professors and use them as resources.
What is the last book you read? : 
The Bible….continually.
List 3-5 fun facts about yourself that most people probably wouldn’t know. : 
I was an All-American cheerleader in high school
I love to sing as part of a choir