Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)


Report an Incident or Accident
Use this form to report an Employee or Student Worker injury.
Use this form to report a Student or Visitor injury.
These forms are also available on the forms repository.

Hazardous & Medical Waste Pick-Up Request
Please contact the Safety Manager to request a pick up, 48 hours in advance. Contact information listed at bottom of page.

Report a Safety Concern
For all safety related questions or concerns please contact the Safety Manager. Contact information listed at bottom of page.

How do you stay safe on Campus?
Fire and Life Safety is of high priority. Learn what activities and items have restrictions or are prohibited on campus and why. We are all responsible for maintaining a safe learning and working environment.

Restricted or Prohibited Activities- Open Flame and Fire Pits, Holiday/Event decorations
Restricted or Prohibited Items- Sky Lanterns, Portable Space Heaters, Extension Cords, Power Strips, Candles, Wax Burners. For Residence Halls please refer to Residence Life- Guide to Success.

Campus Safety Board
This board meets quarterly, or as needed. It's mission is to review, oversee and coordinate safety efforts on campus by continuously improving all aspects of EHS (Environmental Health &Safety) performance on campus.
The Campus Safety Board has representative from across campus including: Christa Kwiatkowski, Dale Bradley, Tom Tucker, Matt Swain, Donnie Strand, Jack Clayton, Steve Roof, Craig Crimm and Stephanie DeGroot. The Safety Manager, Craig Crimm, facilitates these meetings. Please contact him with questions/concerns.

Report a Spill
To report a spill on campus please use the "Stormwater Program Feedback" link below.
Stormwater Program Feedback
For more information of campus' MS4 (Municipal Seperate Storm Sewer Systems) stormwater program & events check out the webpage.

Craig E. Crimm, OHST, CSHO
Safety Manager
Facilities Department, Office 106
(304) 367-4290