Turnaround Time:

For copying only - no finishing - we offer a 24-hour turnaround time.  Jobs with finishing other than stapling or 3-hole punching will require more time, of course, but we will do our best to meet your deadlines.

Preparing Your Hard Copy Originals:

  • Clean, dark type will project the sharpest copies.  Avoid blue and yellow ink or highlights.
  • Corrections will reproduce well if they are free of smudges and white-out buildup.  If you have an original that is pasted up, please make sure it is taped down securely.
  • Originals should be on white paper.  Colored paper may leave background.
  • Remove staples!

Provide electronic documents for best possible image quality.  This may be a file sent by e -mail, a disk, or a jump-drive.  For help or advice on preparing your originals for duplication, feel free to call the Copy Center at 4185.

Contact Info

Georgeann Cain
Copy Center Support Staff
3rd Floor, Falcon Center
Phone: 304.367.4185
Fax:  304.367.4023

Joni Bokanovich
Copy Center Support Staff
3rd Floor, Falcon Center
Phone: 304.367.4018
Fax:  304.367.4023