Maintaining a safe and healthy campus is top priority.  Any safety related issues need to be reported immediately. Injuries must be reported within 24 hours of occurrence.


Ms. Shawna Graham
Safety Coordinator
(304) 367-4290

Safety First

The Student/Visitor Injury & Illness Form should be completed by the student, supervising adult, or visitor following all accidents, or incidents that occur within the institutions jurisdiction or purview that:

  • Results in the injury of a student, or visitor.
  • Results in property damage.
  • Involves a student at a practicum or on any trip directly related to the students program at the institution. Please note, students on internships are under the employment of a company and are subjet to that company's injury reporting procedures.

All injuries must be submitted within 24 hours of occurrence. Please complete the Student/Visitor Injury & Illness Form with as much detail as possible. Attach additional pages as necessary, including reports from witnesses. Please email the completed form to Environmental Health & Safety at Follow up with original signed form via campus mail to the Safety Coordinator, Campus Facilities, Room 106. Please retain a copy for your records. For questions or to report urgent accidents/injuries, please call (304) 367-4110. 

If the individual does not show signs of harm nor require medical attention this form should still be completed and returned.
If you need immediate assistance you can reach Campus Police at (304) 367-4157 or call 9-1-1.