Undergraduate Program Listing

Program Name Degree Concentrations Preprogram Minor Available
Accounting BS      
Allied Health Administration BS      
Architectural Engineering Technology AS      
Architecture BS      
Studio Art BA   Yes Yes
Art Minor Only     Yes
Art Education BAE      
Art History Minor Only     Yes
Aviation Technology BS      
    Aviation Maintenance Management    
    Aviation Administration (No Flight)   Yes
    Aviation Administration (Flight)   Yes
Biology BS     Yes
Biology Education BAE      
Business Administration BS      
    Business   Yes
Business Education BAE      
Business and Technical Writing Minor Only     Yes
Chemistry BS     Yes
Chemistry Education BAE      
Civil Engineering Technolgy AS      
Civil Engineering Technolgy BSET      
Communication BA   Yes  
Community Health Education BS     Yes
Computer Forensics Minor Only     Yes
Computer Science BS     Yes
    Computer Security    
Criminal Justice BS     Yes
Education BAE   Yes Yes
    Early/Middle Ed Elemenatary K-6    
    Art Pre-K-Adult    
    Biology 9-Adult    
    Business Education 5-Adult    
    Chemistry 9-Adult    
    Computer Science Pre-K-Adult    
    English 5-Adult    
    French 5-Adult    
    Family and Consumer Sciences 5-Adult    
    General Science 5-Adult    
    Health 5-Adult    
    Journalism 5-Adult    
    Mathematics 5-Adult    
    Mathematics (through Algebra 1) 5-9    
    Music Pre-K-Adult    
    Oral Communication 5-Adult    
    Physical Education Pre-K-Adult    
    Physics 9-Adult    
    School-Library Media Pre-K-Adult    
    Social Studies 5-Adult    
    Spanish Pre-K-Adult    
    Technology Education 5-Adult    
    Technology Education Comprehensive 5-Adult    
    Theatre Pre-K-Adult    
Electronics Engineering Technology AS      
Electronics Engineering Technology BSET     Yes
English BA     Yes
Exercise Science BS     Yes
Folklore Studies       Yes
Forensics BS      
French       Yes
General Science Education BAE      
Graphic Design Technology BS     Yes
Contemporary Fine Arts Technology BS   Yes  
History BA     Yes
History BS     Yes
Information Systems Management BS      
International Studies Minor Only     Yes
Journalism Minor Only     Yes
Journalism/Technical Writing Minor Only     Yes
Library Science Minor Only     Yes
Mathematics BS     Yes
Mathematics Education BAE      
Mechanical Engineering Technology AS      
Mechanical Engineering Technology BSET      
Music BA   Yes Yes
Music Education BAE      
National Security and Intelligence BA   Yes Yes
Nursing ASN      
Nursing BSN      
Nursing ASN/Articulation Program LPN to ASN      
Nutrition Minor Only     Yes
Occupational Safety BS     Yes
Outdoor Recreation Leadership Minor Only     Yes
Philosophy Minor Only     Yes
Political Science BA     Yes
Pre-Professional Dentistry Course of Study      
Pre-Professional Engineering Course of Study      
Pre-Professional Journalism Course of Study     Yes
Pre-Professional Medical Technology Course of Study      
Pre-Professional Medicine Course of Study      
Pre-Professional Pharmacy Course of Study      
Pre-Professional Physical Therapy Course of Study      
Public Administration Minor Only     Yes
Physics Minor Only     Yes
Physics Education BAE      
Psychology BS     Yes
Regents BA Degree BA      
Safety Engineering Technology AS      
Social Studies Education BAE      
Sociology BS     Yes
    Population Studies    
Spanish BA     Yes
Technology Minor Only     Yes
Technology Education BAE      
Theatre BA   Yes Yes
Theatre Education BAE      
Women's Studies Minor Only     Yes