General Studies Program - Student Profile & Standards

Profile of a Fairmont State Student and the General Studies Program

Students enrolled at Fairmont State University should work to develop the following profile, consistent with the length and focus of their programs.

Students should

  1. Develop competence in the following skills to aid them in making decisions about personal values and career strategies: critical analysis, quantitative literacy, oral and written communication, reading, teamwork, information literacy, problem solving, and technological literacy.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in their major fields of study that will enable them to compete in the global job market and pursue additional levels of formal education.
  3. Understand the responsibilities of citizens, participate in the democratic process, and contribute to their society.
  4. Embrace and act upon an ethical view that respects the life, property, opinions, and feelings of others.
  5. Acquire the knowledge and habits that lead to physical and mental health and well-being.
  6. Understand the complementary nature of their liberal and professional studies and develop the capacity for independent, lifelong learning.
  7. Acquire an informed appreciation of the arts, the humanities, and the social and natural sciences.
  8. Develop sensitivity in matters of local and global social justice, respecting and appreciating differences among individuals and societies.

- revised 2006