General Studies Program - Requirements and List of Courses by Attribute

General Studies Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree

Students must complete at least one course in each of the following General Studies Sub-Attributes from the approved course list:

Additional Requirements

  • Students must complete at least 30 hours of coursework outside of their major as defined by the course prefix(s) that have been determined by the academic units.  Academic units may select courses for majors to fulfill certain attributes as long as the 30 hours of coursework outside of the major is achievable

For example, the Chemistry Department decides that all CHEM courses are part of the major while the physics (PHYS), mathematics (MATH) and other subjects are not.  Chemistry majors are required to take either MATH 1185 (Applied Calculus I) or MATH 1190 (Calculus I). Both of these mathematics courses satisfy the I.B Quantitative Literacy Sub-Attribute as well. So when students take either course they fulfill the I.B requirement and the course counts toward the 30 hours of coursework outside of the major. When the students take CHEM 3302 they will fulfill the 1.D Teamwork Sub-Attribute but it will not count toward the 30 hours outside of the major requirement.

  • Students may use a single course to satisfy no more than 2 Sub-Attributes.

For example, ENGL 2200 will satisfy 1.A.Critical Analysis, IV.Ethics, VII.B.Humanities or VIII.Cultural Awareness and Human Dignity. A student can only have ENGL 2200 count against two of the four Sub-Attributes. If the student chooses 1.A and VIII.B as those two then other courses are needed to fulfill IV and VIII.

  • Students must complete 6 hours of Written English (ENGL 1104 and ENGL 1108).

These courses may also be used to fulfill any additional Sub-Attributes for which they have been approved.

  • Students must complete 3 hours (single course or multiple courses) to fulfill General Studies Sub-Attribute VIIA – Fine Arts.
  • Students should consult their academic advisor for program requirements and course prerequisites before choosing courses to fulfill General Studies Sub-Attributes.

Any individual program’s exceptions to these policies are determined by the Curriculum Committee or the Provost’s Office.

If a program cannot follow these policies, then it can apply for an exception with the Curriculum Committee or the Provost’s Office.