General Studies Program - Program History

In 2005-2006, Fairmont State began the process of establishing outcomes for all courses as part of the Strategic Plan. General Studies’ outcomes are part of that plan.

Development of the Program

    2005-2006:  The General Studies Committee first rewrote the Desired Profile of a Fairmont State Graduate in order to identify the basic qualities we valued.

    2006-2007:  The General Studies Committee worked on writing outcomes which reflected each of the Desired Profile items and reduced the total number of General Studies hours from 54 down to 32 - 42 as mandated by the FSU Board of Governors.

    2007-2008:  The new General Studies Attributes were established, sent to the Academic Units for comment and eventually approved by the Faculty Senate in March, 2008.

    2008-2009:  Faculty created formal outcomes for their courses and mapped them to the new General Studies Learning Outcomes in TaskStream.

    2009-2010:  The Committee worked on the rubric to be used to assess the courses mapped to the General Studies Learning Outcomes to ensure the course met the General Studies Attributes.

    2010-2011:  Having established the requirements for a course to earn General Studies approval, the Committee worked hard to assess all the submitted coursed in order to present an updated course catalog to Faculty Senate. The new program passed in April 2011 with an implementation date of fall, 2012.

    2011- 2012:  With the new program approved, the Committee called for new course proposals and began reviewing all the courses in TaskStream.  In light of the new program, Academic Units were asked to review the courses submitted for General Studies and determine which courses were to stay and which courses would be withdrawn.

Projected 2012 - 2013 Timeline

Fall 2012
• Draft General Studies Curriculum Assessment Plan
• Develop General Studies web page with student-friendly features
• Begin training sessions for advisers and student support personnel
• Approve new course proposals on a case-by-case basis

Spring 2013
• Develop catalog copy
• Finalize web pages
• Continue to offer training or information sessions

Fall 2013
• Launch new General Studies curriculum