NO. 41


Revised February 1996

A full-time Fairmont State College employee may be allowed time off during scheduled work hours to attend class, provided the employee's absence will not interfere with his/her work unit's operation. Each unit head has the responsibility to approve or reject requests. This policy is applicable to both exempt and non-exempt employees.

There is no basic employee right to attend class during work time and the needs of the unit must take precedence. Employees wishing to take courses at the college are expected to do so outside of work hours. If it is impossible for an employee to obtain a desired course outside of work hours, the head of the unit may authorize absence from work to attend no more than one class (maximum of three clock hours per week) if the work can be covered in some other manner. When an employee enrolls in a course requiring greater than three clock hours during the work week, these additional hours must be either charged to the employee's annual leave or made up preferably during the same work week they are used or a combination of both. Each supervisor has the authority to determine other conditions under which requests for class attendance will be approved and has the responsibility to apply these conditions consistently within his/her work unit, keeping in mind that the needs of the work unit must take precedence over class attendance.

Policy requires:

Only full-time regular (not in provisional status) employees are eligible.

The employee must provide a written request to the supervisor before the semester in which the class is to be taken.

The employee must present evidence of satisfactory completion of the coursework to the supervisor.

Monthly time records should include by footnote the release time taken for educational purposes.

During emergencies or overtime situations, the employee must work as assigned.


1. An eligible employee must provide his/her supervisor a written request for release time prior to the semester in which the class is to be taken.

2. The supervisor or head of the unit will approve or reject the request and provide the employee and human resources office a written statement of the decision.

3. Upon completion of the course work, the employee must provide his/her supervisor with written evidence of satisfactory completion.


The college reserves some tuition and fee waivers for employees who wish to take courses at the college. These waivers are awarded by the director of financial aid on a first-come basis. Ordinarily, the awards are for a maximum of three hours per semester.