NO. 38


Effective October 15, 2002


Research demonstrates that smoking and use of other tobacco products are a clear and present danger to health. The Surgeon General of the United States has determined that cigarette smoking causes over 350,000 preventable deaths each year. Current research also emphasizes the extreme danger to non-smokers from secondary smoke.

Therefore, Fairmont State College recognizes its duty to provide a safe and healthy environment. In order to achieve the goal of a smoke-free environment all persons will observe the following guidelines:

Smoking and the use of tobacco in any form are prohibited in all buildings and facilities owned by Fairmont State College. Regulations for campus housing will be developed by the Director of Campus Life in consultation with the President. Smoking is also prohibited in any motor vehicle owned, leased or otherwise operated by Fairmont State College. Visitors are expected to comply with this policy. Tobacco products will not be sold on campus.

Exceptions: Privately owned motor vehicles used for college business are exempted from this policy.

Smoking is permitted outdoors but is prohibited within twenty (20) feet of all entrances and exits to buildings. Smoking or carrying lighted tobacco products is also prohibited in outside areas where people will be standing in line or waiting in crowds.


The administrator or supervisor of a particular building/facility/area will be responsible for:

1. Assuring that all NO SMOKING signs are appropriately placed. (Signs will be provided and placed by the Physical Plant Department.)

2. Assuring that this policy is communicated to everyone within his/her area of responsibility.

3. Assuring adherence to this policy for office, administrative, academic, and all general work areas in facilities within his/her area of responsibility.

The success of this policy will require the understanding and cooperation of all smokers and non-smokers and their acceptance of the responsibility to observe this smoking policy.

The Director of Human Resources, in cooperation with the Student Health Service Staff and the Staff Training and Development Committee, will schedule smoking cessation classes for employees and students who wish to avail themselves of the classes.

Anyone detecting a violation of this policy should immediately notify the violator. If this procedure is not effective or not feasible, the incident should be referred to the supervisor of the facility and if not resolved at that level disciplinary procedures will be followed.

Day to day concerns and questions about this policy should be communicated to the Assistant to the President.