NO. 23


Revised August 1994

The State College System Board of Directors Rules Series 55 provides that "the community use of a college or university facility must have an educational or cultural purpose....". It also states, "While this policy may not be construed to preclude use of facilities based on political philosophy, race, religion, or creed of the sponsor, the nature of the activities to be conducted on the campus shall not be illegal under the Constitution or laws of the State of West Virginia or the United States."

Fairmont State College is faced with increased internal and external demands on its facilities. A growing night program utilizes building space, parking space, and other resources. Special events create financial and personnel demands for custodial, security and other services. The college is not equipped or staffed to provide extensive conference services.

In order to conform with the spirit of the regulations, to alleviate pressures on facilities and personnel, to conform with federal requirements relating to buildings which were constructed partially with federal funds, and to prevent public criticism and complaint, the following college regulations are established:

1. Non-college groups will not be permitted to use college facilities for religious or religious-related activities.

2. Recognized student groups may conduct religious or religious-related activities on campus for their members or for the college community (students, faculty and staff), but such student activities may not be open to non-college persons.

3. These regulations shall not interfere with academic activities regarding the study of religious topics and issues in regular courses offered by Fairmont State College with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.