NO. 22


Revised December 1999


The facilities of Fairmont State College exist for the purpose of implementing the educational programs of the college. In the development of physical facilities and in the scheduling of their use, priority must always be given to the academic mission of the institution. Next in consideration shall be activities of student and faculty groups which are organized, sponsored, and officially approved by the college.

Fairmont State College desires to make its facilities available to serve legitimate needs of its immediate and broader community provided that the priorities specified above have been met. To so do, the college must operate within the mandate of the State College System Board of Directors that use of facilities by non-college groups must be limited to those activities which "have an educational or cultural purpose."

Requests for the use of facilities by off-campus groups will be reviewed and evaluated by the Facilities Administration Council. Application forms for requesting the use of facilities may be obtained from and submitted to the Office of the Assistant to the President. (See Attachment) Applications will be evaluated by the Council in relation to current college needs and other community requests. The decision of the Council will be conveyed to the applicant in writing. Upon receipt of approval to use a campus facility, the non-college group must file a standard rental/lease agreement and evidence of insurance coverage with the Office of the Assistant to the President.

The Facilities Administration Council will from time to time develop and revise rules and regulations for the use of facilities. Such rules and regulations must be approved by the President of the college.


The fee schedule for use of college facilities by non-college groups is given in No. 29. The usage fee includes the base plus any supplemental fees. The base fee includes maintenance and upkeep, utilities, administrative and management support, and a service fee. Supplemental fees are charged for use of and set up of staging, tables, chairs, etc., as well as for custodial and other special services.

All charges are applied equally to all groups except that charges for indirect costs may be waived for other state agencies and usually for county school systems. If a county school or other state agency charges a fee to participants in an activity for which the school/agency is using a college facility, indirect charges will not be waived.

No direct costs will be waived.

FSC Policy No. 22 Attachment


(off-campus organizations)

Today's Date

Requests must be submitted in writing at least two weeks prior to desired dates of use. Late requests will be subject to availability of space and personnel. A Rental/Lease Agreement must be completed and evidence of insurance coverage must be presented before an off-campus group uses college facilities.

Activity Date(s) of Activity

Purpose (must be educational or cultural)

Why should this be held at FSC?

Facility(ies) Requested

Preparation Time (if needed): Date(s) Time(s)

Time of Activity: Beginning (exact) A.M. or P.M.? Ending (approximate) A.M. or P.M.?

Clean-Up Time (if needed): Date(s) Time(s)

Special Equipment/Services Needed from FSC (e.g. athletic equipment, audio/visual equipment, chairs, electrical service (other than ordinary), lighting/spotlights, piano, staging, tables, etc.)

Parking Spaces Needed: Number of Cars Number of Buses

Food Service: Breakfast? Yes No Lunch? Yes No Dinner? Yes No How Many

Organization Making Request

Person Responsible Title

Address Phone

Campus Sponsor of Organization's Activity

AGREEMENT: I understand that any damage that may occur while the above organization is using the above facility will be the financial responsibility of the requesting organization. I agree that payment for any damage as well as for the use of the facility will be made when due.

Signature (Person Responsible) Date

Direct Cost Remarks

Indirect Cost

TOTAL COST (Make check payable to Fairmont State College and send to the FSC Business Office.)

Signature (Assistant to the President) Date

FAC Action: Approved Rejected Insurance Coverage

Business Office: Invoice Sent Paid Transfer To

cc: Date Revised 12/99