NO. 21


Revised August 1994

REQUESTS FOR SERVICE. Requests for minor construction, repair, decoration, moving, delivery, set-up of rooms, etc., are initiated by submitting a "Work Request" form to the Director of Facilities. The following guidelines must be observed:

1. All requests for service must be signed by a school chair or the head of the unit.

2. From three to six months lead time is required to procure necessary materials if they are not in stock.

3. Dollar limitations may influence the ability to perform a service especially during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

4. Work schedules normally are established one month in advance.

5. Any services required after normal working hours may require overtime funding.

6. Two weeks is the minimum scheduling and approval time.

TELEPHONE SERVICE. *Requests for telephone service must be submitted to the Director of Facilities and contain the following information:

1. Present telephone number and station number (e.g. 12 E).

2. Present and desired location.

3. Person to contact.

4. Description of service desired.

5. Directory listing.

TELEPHONE MALFUNCTIONS. Out-of-order telephones and other malfunctions of the telephone system must be reported to the campus operator.

PHYSICAL PLANT MALFUNCTIONS. Difficulties with physical plant systems such as heating, electrical or plumbing systems should be reported by telephone to the maintenance office in the Physical Facilities Department. Emergency situations after normal working hours must be reported to the Campus Safety and Police Office.

REQUESTS FOR SUPPLIES. Supplies may be requisitioned from the stockroom by submitting three copies of the appropriate form. Telephone orders will not be accepted.

* New installations require prior approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration.