Board of Governors Policies by Group

Governance and Administration:

Policy Title
01 Change in the Organization of Schools, Departments or other Administrative Units
30 Separate Academic and Faculty Personnel Policies
42 Consensual Romantic or Sexual Relationships
44 Financial Partnership
45 Shared Courses
46 Mission Statement Review
49 Joint Operating Agreement for Academic Programs
52 Degree Definitions
04 Holidays
07 Ethics
08 Social Justice
09 Sexual Harassment
22 Credit Card Solicitation
29 Open Meetings
35 General Policies for Gift Solicitation
39 Drug-Free Workplace
41 Institutional Employment and Family Relationships
50 Policy on Policies
56 BOG Operating Procedures
59 Debt
60 Email Established as the Official Form of Communication for the University
61 Tobacco Free Campus
62 Campus Solicitation
63 Designation/Status of Employees
64 Progressive Discipline and Separation From Employment
65 Layoffs and Reductions in Force


Policy Title
11 Awarding of Undergraduate and Graduate Fee Waivers
21 Part-Time-Employees-and-Adjunct- Faculty
34 Administrators’ Requirement And/Or Eligibility For Teaching And/Or Scholarly Activity
38 Faculty Sick Leave
40 Employee Class Attendance
10 Staff Development
23 Administrator Evaluation
25 Salary
28 Catastrophic Leave
51 Employee Innovation: Flexible Work Schedules


Policy Title
26 Faculty and Administrative Productivity
36 Adjunct Faculty
37 Adjunct Faculty Workloads
03 Sabbatical Leave
13 Faculty Development


Policy Title
43 Assignment and Reassignment of Space
02 Naming or Renaming of Facilities, Organizational Units, Assets, and Events
06 Use of Institutional Facilities
32 Regulation of Speed Flow and Parking on Campus
33 Disposition of Obsolete and Unusable Equipment and Supplies
57 Erosion and Sediment Control
58 Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Business Management:

Policy Title
05 Use of Alcohol at College Events Permit for Use of Alcoholic Beverages
12 Phased Retirement
14 Travel Policy
19 Procedures Regarding Freedom of Information Act Requests
20 Regulations Regarding Grants, Services, and Contracts
24 Funding of Intercollegiate Athletics Athletic Survey Form
31 Tuition and Fee Waiver for 65 or Older
47 Audit Committee Procedures
48 Policy on Research with Human Subjects
53 Information Technology
55 Copyright

Student Affairs:

Policy Title
15 Grade-Point Average for Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees
16 Tuition and Fee Policy (formerly Assessment, Payment, and Refund of Fees)
17 Student Rights and Responsibilities
18 Student Academic Rights
27 Public School Service Credits

Auxiliary Operations:

Policy Title
54 Bookstore