Fairmont State University 152nd Commencement

Fairmont State University 152nd Commencement

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Seal of Fairmont State University
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Dear Graduate, 

I am thrilled to be among the first to offer you congratulations on your graduation from Fairmont State University. 

When I think about that word – “graduation” – it seems to me it does not quite convey the magnitude of your achievement, just as this diploma cannot fully express the extraordinary academic and personal journeys you have completed.
You persevered under the most unprecedented circumstances, and demonstrated extraordinary adaptability and resolve. And through your strength, you lifted an entire community, and reminded each of us what it means to be a Falcon.

Your diploma is a symbol of your dedication, hard work and passion. I urge you to display it proudly, wherever life takes you. When you look at it, recall the sacrifices you made, the obstacles you overcame, and, most importantly, think fondly of the friends and mentors you met along the way.

I hope you also think about the entire Fairmont State University community – not only the people here at the University, but also the vast network of alumni who impact their communities in West Virginia, across the nation, and around the world. This diploma is a reminder that you are, now and forever, part of this larger family. And, like all families, we hope you let us know about your successes and that you lean on us when you need guidance.

Soar, Falcon, and know that your wings will always be lifted by winds of support from me and the rest of your Falcon Family.

I wish you good luck, clear skies, and a steady breeze. 

Most sincerely,
Mirta M. Martin, Ph.D., President
Fairmont State University