Large Poster Printing

Directions for large poster printing

Make Contact
Contact Lynne Conrad at (304) 367‐4739 to get your poster on the printing
schedule. We require five working days after submitting your poster to print it. If
you are ordering a large quantity of prints (10 or more) please give us even more

Choose a size
We can print a poster up to 43” wide by 8 ft long .
If your poster needs to be mounted on foam core it can be no larger than 30 X 38.

Start Designing
Use PowerPoint to design your poster.
The easiest way to begin is to use the PowerPoint templates we have provided. The
templates have the correct school logos and colors. They are simply guidelines and
you can design your poster any way you wish. We have supplied three different
sizes of posters and an additional logo page for your use.

Submit your poster to be printed
Attach your poster and email it to
Bring your digital file to the Creative Services in 104 Wallman Hall.

Poster prices vary depending upon size and paper used.
We can give you an estimated cost before printing and when the poster is finished
we will charge your departmental purchase card. Please let us know the contact
person for the department we are to charge.

Additional Info
Pay close attention to the size of the poster you are designing. Remember you are
working on a small computer screen and your printed poster will be much larger.
DO NOT distort (squash or stretch) the school logos.
(Hold shift and drag the image by one of the four corners to adjust size)

We are prohibited from printing posters for personal use.