Logo Licensing Program

The Fairmont State Logo Licensing Program

Any company or person who produces any item using the Fairmont State family of logos or the Falcon or using the name of "FSU" or "Fighting Falcons," must be a licensed vendor. These images and words are all trademarks of Fairmont State.

If the end product is strictly for in-house campus use (such as donor thank-you items, shirts for coaches, award plaques for academic awards, etc.) then the royalty fee will be waived. The vendor still needs to fill out a One-time Exemption Licensing Form available from Robert Heffner in the Office of Web and Graphic Communication, Room 104, Wallman Hall or by clicking on the link on this page.

If the end product is to be sold, a royalty fee will be applied. All royalties that are collected come back to Fairmont State for athletic scholarships.

The process for becoming a licensed vendor is fairly simple. Vendors should contact Beth Monnin at SMA and he will walk them through the process.

Beth Monnin
University Services Representative
Strategic Marketing Affiliates
8900 Keystone Crossing,Suite 605
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240
937.726.4478 (C)
317.669.0808 (P)

Any company that wishes to be a licensee of Fairmont State needs to apply for a license through SMA. If the company wants to pursue a Restricted License, which allows sale only to FS for internal consumption, then there is no cost associated with the application. If the company desires to pursue a Standard License, which would allow sale to Fairmont State and to outside retail outlets, then there is a one-time $75 fee.

It is possible that many speciality product companies put the license under their name so that they don’t have to bring 10 different companies on board.

If a vendor wishes to have access to pre-created and pre-approved digital art, they must pay a $50 subscription fee to J. Patton for access to the Logos on Demand service. When a product is designed – like a shirt or a notebook cover or a window decal – the vendor will submit the artwork to SMA for approval. SMA then runs the artwork past the Office of Web and Graphic Communications. Once the vendor has approval, it may produce the item.

The development of the logo licensing program is intended to create a FS brand of high quality products, available to those on and off campus. To maintain the FS brand, greater control of FS images, logos and name(s) are necessary. Ultimately, FS students benefit from this program because all royalties proceeds go toward athletic scholarships. Supporting the licensing program means supporting our students.

Questions regarding logo usage should be directed to

Tammy Holden
Print Design and Graphic Specialist
Fairmont State
1201 Locust Avenue 26554-2470
phone: (304) 367-4739 fax: (304) 367-4248

Edited: 06/13/11