Ex: Club Advisor, Club President, Club Secretary, Club Member, etc
  • Please complete this form for every event or activity your club hosted, held, or sponsored, both on and off campus, this year. 
  • Please complete form within two weeks after the event.
  • We want to know about the events your club organized, created, hosted, sponsored, co-sponsored, etc.. not the other events your club attended on campus that were sponsored by the campus departments, such as Athletics, Fine Arts, Intramurals, Student Affairs, etc.
  • Include all events: entertainment or educational events for students, informational booths/tables, Co-sponsorships with SG, fundraisers, social events for club members, etc.. 
  • Include all events off campus as well, that your club hosted.
  • Do not fill out a form for club meetings.
(Estimate if needed)