Greek Life Interest Session 

Date: Thursday, January 30, 2014

Location: Colebank Hall Gym (2nd Floor)

Time: Begins promptly at 12:30pm and ends at 1:30pm

Light Refreshments will be served; Dress is casual (jeans appropriate)


Bid Parties

**Bid Party Attendance Policy: Potential New Members (PNMs) who are FSU students must attend at least one bid party for each of the four different sororities (at a minimum).  Separate rules exist for Community College women.  Please visit to view that separate Bid Party policy.


Monday, February 3rd (Informal; Refreshments will be served)
NOTE: Due to inclement weather & school closure, the bid party scheduled for 2/3/14 has been canceled.  This site will be updated as soon as a determination can be made about rescheduling that party.  As of now, the bid parties scheduled for 2/4 and 2/5 are still on schedule.  Please follow us on Twitter for the latest: @OfficeRetention

6pm Delta Xi Omicron, ED 303

7pm Delta Zeta, HB 116

8pm Delta Beta Nu, ED 303

9pm Alpha Sigma Tau, HB 114


Tuesday, February 4th  (Informal; Refreshments will be served)

6pm Alpha Sigma Tau, HB 317

7pm Delta Xi Omicron, HB 116

8pm Delta Zeta, ED 303

9pm Delta Beta Nu, HB 114


Wednesday, February 5th  (Formal; Refreshments will be served)

6pm Delta Beta Nu, HB 317

7pm Alpha Sigma Tau, ED 303

8pm Delta Xi Omicron, HB 116

9pm Delta Zeta, HB 114


Bid Day

On Bid Day, each student who participated in formal recruitment will report to the designated location within the stated time frame to learn whether or not she has been extended one or more bids.

PNMs must pick up their bids during the designated time period (below). PNMs who are extended and who accept a bid will meet that sorority afterward at a designated place on campus (location and all other details will be provided in the bid/invitation).

Date: Thursday, February 6th

Time Frame: 9:00 AM – 12:20 PM (no earlier, no later)

Location: Turley Center 224, office of Retention  (look for the signs)!



Greek Life Interest Session 

Date: Thursday, January 30th

Location: Colebank Gym (2nd Floor)

Time: Begins promptly at 12:30pm and ends at 1:30pm

Light Refreshments will be served; Dress is casual (jeans appropriate)


Meet and Greets:

Wednesday, February 5  (Informal; Refreshments will be served) PNMs can mingle between each of the Fraternities between 7:00pm-8:00pm. They will be in the following locations:


Phi Sigma Phi, ED 322

Tau Beta Iota, ED 336

Tau Kappa Epsilon, ED 338


Thursday, February 6 (Informal; Refreshments will be served)

6pm Tau Kappa Epsilon, ED 320

7pm Phi Sigma Phi, ED 336

8pm Tau Beta Iota, ED 338



Each fraternity hosts a social/information meet-and-greet event called a 'Smoker'. Smokers are excellent opportunities for male students to learn more about each fraternity and to meet its members. Men who attend a smoker should expect that refreshments will be provided and should be aware that dress is business casual (khaki pants and nice shirt) at a minimum.

Spring 2014 Smoker Schedule

Tau Beta Iota:

Date: Tuesday, February 11

Time: 7-9 PM

Location: Library MMA


Tau Kappa Epsilon:

Date: Wednesday, February 12th

Time:  8-10PM

Location: Library MMA


Phi Sigma Phi:

Date: Thursday, February 13th Thursday, February 20th

Time: 8-10 PM

Location: Library MMB Education 303


Fraternity Bidding Process

Following the smoker events, current brothers of each fraternity will meet privately to determine which Potential New Members might fit best into their individual organizations.  Each fraternity will then individually contact those men it is interested in interviewing (typically within a week or so of the smoker event).  Potential New Members who are invited to attend an interview should take the interview seriously, treating it similarly to a job interview.  Tau Beta Iota and Tau Kappa Epsilon would both ask that Potential New Members dress accordingly for the interview, in business attire. Phi Sigma Phi asks that its interviewees dress comfortably, as they feel appropriate for the interview process. 

Once interviews have been completed, each fraternity will reach out individually to those men for which it wishes to extend a bid.