Educational Leadership is one of the Chapter Goals of Alpha Phi Sigma. Each year, Epsilon Iota members participate in academic and educational activities. Participation in these activities demonstrates academic excellence and educational leadership. In the 2008-2009 academic year, Epsilon Iota members participated in the following activities.


In September 2008, Epsilon Iota members participated in a Mock Trial for the West Virginia Supreme Court. This was recorded for educational purposes and will be distributed to middle schools in the state to teach these students about the WV judicial system. Members participated as jury members as well as court room spectators.  Those members who sat on the jury also participated in deliberations based on the evidence and arguments presented at the trial.

 In November 2008, Epsilon Iota co-hosted the West Virginia Criminal Justice Educators’ Association Annual Conference at Fairmont State University.  The WVCJEA is an organization comprised of criminal justice faculty and students dedicated to the educational advancement of criminal justice students in West Virginia. Each year the organization holds its annual conference at a different host school.  Students and faculty present research and participate in discussion panels.

 At the WVCJEA Conference, Epsilon Iota members participated in the Crime Scene Investigation Competition. There were several teams from universities and colleges across the state.  Epsilon Iota’s team won first place in the competition.

 Epsilon Iota members Pam Wilson and Philip Wagner also presented papers at the WVCJEA Conference in November.

In December 2008, several Epsilon Iota members were chosen to participate in the Falcon Project. Students who participated in this activity received certification from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, participated in crime simulations that ranged from money laundering to tax evasion related to illegal drug trafficking. Students were issued firearms and other personal equipment as if they were real agents. They also participated in firearms training simulations.