Back on Campus

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Sun, 02/17/2013 - 7:40pm -- Bradley

Hello again children, it’s Bradley, and I’m coming to you live from Fairmont State University! That’s right you all, I’m back on campus and back on the blogging highways. I don’t have anything left to tell about our successful trip to D.C., so I’m going to be talking about our great campus, the things I take part in, and maybe even a little thing or two about my own life. Keep your eyes peeled for political rhetoric, because I can’t seem to keep myself from talking about it, but I’ll pass on this post and give everyone out there a break. I’m a senior here at school and have been here for three years, the reason for that is I transferred here my sophomore year from Shepherd University. Fairmont may seem like a quite little town and campus may seem like a quite little campus, but there is plenty of stuff to do here if you have the time and confidence to put yourself out there. My first tip for coming to any school is to meet people and make friends outside of friends you went to High School with. I didn’t do that when I came here and it took me a little while to establish friendships with the right people, but now that I have down time turns into a more enjoyable experience. Who else but your buddies could you get stomped in intramural basketball with, or lose in the championship of intramural volleyball with? I like to play intramurals and even compete in any way I can. The intramural program here is ran well, and is a good way to get back into the competitive sports world so to speak, and its without the pressure so that is a plus. I like to play when I have time and when I’m not working. I work on campus as a student supervisor at the Falcon Center for the set-up crew. It is hands down the best job I have ever had, we don’t get a lot of hours but we get enough, and unfortunately we don’t get a lot of recognition. All of the time people ask me where I work, and I say “the set-up crew in the rec,” and no one knows what I’m talking about, it’s ok though we don’t need a lime light on us. It is a privilege to work for Andrew Carter, or as we call him the Master Commander, he is a great boss and a great guy. We have a good crew, and we can get a lot done and sometimes in not a lot of time. I like living on campus, and it is a quick walk to all of my classes and work. However I am lazy and I drive most of the time, I’ll admit it but I make up for it when I work out and play ball. Next time, I’ll have a more interesting topic of discussion. So, until next time children, this Bradley signing out.