The Norquist Approach

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Fri, 01/18/2013 - 9:35pm -- Bradley

Hello, children its Bradley coming to you live from the Capitol! In case any one was wondering why I begin every blog entry with the same statement and end it in the same fashion each time. The phrases come from the video game Fallout 3. The gam is sit in post nuclear castrophe Washington DC, and on the game there is a popular radio broadcast by the radio host Three Dog. He begins each broadcast the same way I begin my blogas and ends his braodcast the same way I end my blog.  And so now you know and in case you were wondering why he is called Three Dog its because, "one isn't enough and two is too low!"

Today is Thursday January 17th and the fifth day of the seminar.  Today was the longest day so far and I am certainly feeling the effects of that. We started this morning at the regular time, around 8:30 am with our daily introduction by Dr. Baker and our first speaker. I am going to refer to the speaker as King Norquist because he referred to the average American voter as a peasant during his presentation. His quote was, “they (republicans verbally committing to his never raise taxes pledge) will tell the peasants anything to get power.” This statement may sound like a degrading phrase regarding the republican caucus at first glance, but King Norquist is a very staunch conservative. Grover Norquist is a power in the Republican Party, he funds campaigns, speaks out for their cause, and is a leading figure. He came up with the Republican slogan and what they stand for, to never raise taxes on anyone. He requires that all Republicans take the no tax pledge and that even being in the “R” category automatically signs your name under the pledge whether you want to or not. Grover is a very intense man and a very charismatic speaker this shows in one of his keys to political success, “intensity trumps preference.” If Grover would have come to my high school when I was still in attendance I would have instantly and forever remained a conservative, however this did not happen and I have formulated my own views. I disagree with most of, actually practically everything Grover said however there are a couple things that I can agree with. He said “you have to know voting issues,” if you run on a platform that will never actually be voted for in Congress you are going to lose, and that spending needs to go down. Norquist believes that liberals will always take taxes and never decrease spending, they take from some and give to others. This thought process was exemplified in his explanation of the stimulus package, he says “the stimulus package was all about supplying money to constituency.” “The left uses resources to fund itself,” I’m not so sure that the right wouldn’t use money gained from decreasing spending to fund itself but that is not the point I would like to take away from Mr. Norquist. It is of my belief that the Republican party would make more head way if they changed their platform from anti tax to anti spending. Of course no one wants to pay more taxes and it is a necessity for liberals to raise taxes to cover expenditures of large programs, however I think more people could agree on big spending programs like Social Security and Medicare. I believe this stance would help decrease the split between the parties by putting them in a more common general direction than the paths the are previously on. The size of our government and the status of our economy and deficit have created a situation in which taxes need to be raised. We are coming off of two wars where we, for the first time in our history since the Revolutionary War haven’t raised taxes to cover, and we were to close for comfort in regards to plunging into a depression. The time period calls for raising taxes and a Republican stance against it increasing an already divided ideological driven deadlock. I do think that spending programs need to be reformed and decreased so a Republican stance or even pledge in this aspect would be more beneficial for them as well as our fiscal situation.

Today we also got to attend a reception at the National Press Club. At the reception we ate and were entertained by an important speaker Owen Ullman. Mr. Ullman is the Managing Editor of the USA Today. He spoke to us of the importance of accurate media coverage of stories and that being the first to report could mean you are the first to get the facts wrong. He also warned of a dying breed, the paper news paper. Mr. Ullman said that sales have been going down on the paper issue as a result of the internet and social media. This current trend could see the stoppage of all paper issues in the future. The news paper has been an important part of the media and American culture for years, and it would be sad to see it go, so please everyone grab a news paper everyday and don’t just rely on the internet to get your news.

Until next time children, Bradley signing out!