The Start of The Week

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Sun, 01/13/2013 - 7:02pm -- Bradley

Hello, children! It's Bradley coming to you from the Capitol. Today is Sunday the 13th, and it is my second day in Washington. The first day was eventful, I drove the four hour trip. My girlfriend Courtenay and our friend Kathrine rode with me and we arrived around one o'clock on Saturday. I got all of my dress clothes hung up and came to the conclusion that I had no reason to fully unpack my bag. We had a meeting at 8 pm, then a group of us went out to eat at a South African / Portuguese restaurant. We came back to the Solaire where we are staying and I was so beat that I went to bed. I was ready for tomorrow.

6:30 am my alarm went off, I drug my way out of bed and got into reluctantly into the shower, which happened to be the coldest shower of my life! Our group which consists of Courtenay, Kathrine, Cole, Kate, and Lindsay got on the metro and that was quite a situation for me trying to get the pass. Today at the first meeting we had an icebreaker activity where the director asked questions like; "Do you look like someone famous/are you related to someone famous? Can you impersonate an actor or politician? Have you ever sang the National Anthem in public?" My answer to all the questions was "no" so I never had to stand up or get called on to explain my answer which worked out in a way but proved that I am an extremely boring person. The lecturer who will being lecturing us every day gave us the run down of different presidential inaugurations starting with George Washington. The speakers for today were Steve Scully the Executive Producer of C-Span and Ben LaBolt, Senior Advisor for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. This was very insightful. Scully would ask LaBolt questions and he would answer, and they gave the audience an opportunity to ask questions. After this session we had a brief  meeting with our small group which is everyone from Fairmont State along with a handful of other people and we broke for lunch. The next things on our agendas was to get lunch then make it back by 1:45 for a bus tour starting at 2. Our break consisted of first getting lost, second not having enough time to actually get lunch, and third grabbing a drink and chips from a very sketchy grocery store and almost being late. The bus tour took us around Washington. We were able to see the White House (from a distance), the Capitol Building, the many museums, the Washington Monument, and it stopped at the following monuments so we could see them up close and get better pictures. The United States Marine Corp Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Abraham Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. The bus tour made its end and we hopped on the metro at Union Station and made our way back to home sweet home! Now it is time for dinner and some homework for tomorrow, plus I may be able to fit in a little workout but I'm not sure yet.

What I got from today was that every inauguration is different and historic, a view down a path that is possible for me to take when I get out of school, and the greatness of this country. We should all take time to think about those who have fought and died for our country to make it what it is and to protect it, these people should never be forgotten.

Until next time children, Bradley signing out!