Preparation is Key

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Fri, 01/11/2013 - 6:28pm -- Bradley

It is January eleventh and the night before the trip to Washington D.C... I take a look around my apartment and as it stands, it is a mess. The chairs surrounding my dinning room table are covered in ties and clothes in preparation for an ironing session. Empty plastic bags lay strewn around the floor, with them the empty cardboard boxes of items purchased. Suitcase bags lay open with the items needing to be in them laying around them instead. I use the trip as an excuse for this mess but the truth is, this is what my apartment usually looks like unless my girlfriend who is also attending the seminar comes over. I wouldn't want her to see it like this that is for sure. The direct reason for this mess is the preparation that is necessary for such an experience. I spent the latter part of my break taking steps to prepare and it has boiled down to tonight and even through my efforts to make this task as easy and stress free as possible it has become quite an undertaking. I have several shirts and ties to iron, laundry to do, and I have to finish packing in general.

A nine am departure is going to come early and the implications of the trip and opportunity are starting to settle in. This week I have been becoming increasingly nervous and excited and I can use my preparation to help me cope. I have been taking my time, making lists, and taking precaution in preparing for this trip. I may be nervous being in the city, going to events, meeting new people, but I won't have to worry about forgetting anything or being unprepared. I need to get back to packing but I want to sign off by saying that I am thankful and excited for this opportunity and I'm going to make the best of it. It is good to keep in mind not only for myself but for anyone, and that is preparation is key to success.