A bipartisan request by Brad Riffee

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Tue, 01/15/2013 - 5:14pm -- Brad


Sorry I haven't blogged everyone. I wanted to wait until I observed a few key concerns here in Washington.  Congress and the House of Representatives members are having a little trouble with getting to know each other or at least working together. This polarization within our government needs to be thoughtfully addressed by Congress and the American people. So this morning I thought I'd have a little fun. I decided to write a poem similar to one that we might have written in grade school. I did this because I think Congress and members of the House are acting childish. They have simply forgotten how to share, work together and get along.  Maybe they need to remember the basic social skills that we hopefully all learn at a very young age.
Good old Washington, where did you go? Bills need drafted, our nation needs dough. Democrats and Republicans now divided by pride, the ink has stopped flowing, come on, open your eyes. 
We all have our differences, that fact we can't change, but for the sake of our people, let's remember our name. America the Beautiful! The United States! The Land of Freedom where we can freely debate. 
It's all right to disagree when it's all said and done, but without resolution, lawmaking's no fun. We must learn to communicate, compromise and trust. Hell, maybe one day we can even have lunch. 
The theme is strong, although this rhyme scheme is weak.  We all love our nation, prosperity we seek. So good old Washington, where did you go? Let's get back together, let's make the ink flow.
By Brad Riffee